B Sc Admission 2023-24

As per the instruction of DHE, Govt of Assam, the Common Admission Portal of Samarth e Govt Suite

As per the instruction of DHE, Govt of Assam, the Common Admission Portal of Samarth e Govt Suite https://assamadmission.samarth.ac.in/ will be used by PDUAM, Dalgaon for the application and admission process to GU FYUGP.

Important Notes

  • Students can apply for admission to a maximum of 10 options (for example, same Major in 10 Colleges or 10 different Majors in one College or 10 different Major in 10 different Colleges).
  • In case his/her application is selected in more than one college in the first merit list, the student will have to opt for only one college/option to process the admission and the selection to the remaining colleges/option appearing in the first Merit list will lapse.
  • If they get selected in the second merit list for any remaining colleges/option in which they were not selected in the first merit list, then they will have the option to cancel the admission taken under the first merit list and then select one of the colleges/options out of the ones appearing in the second merit list.
  • The same will be the case with the third merit list.
  • Thereafter, depending on the vacancy, spot admission can be done at the discretion of the admission committee of the college.
  • Any option that has lapsed in any previous merit list will not appear in the subsequent merit lists for that particular student.

Important Dates

  • Date of opening of application through SAMARTH : 14th June, 2023
  • Date of closing of application through SAMARTH : 3rd July 2023
  • Date of Publication of 1st Merit List : 11th July, 2023
  • Closing of offline Admission in 1st Merit List : 13th July, 2023
  • Publication of 2nd Merit List : 15th July, 2023
  • Closing of offline Admission in 2nd Merit List : 18th July, 2023
  • Publication of 3rd Merit List : 19th July, 2023
  • Closing of offline Admission in 3rd Merit List : 20th July, 2023
  • Spot Admissions (Offline) : 23rd – 24th  July, 2023

Steps Involved in Admission Process

Step 1: Applicant Sign up on the Common Admissions Portal https://assamadmission.samarth.ac.in/
Step 2: Log in to the Dashboard
Step 3: Filling Basic Profile Information & Uploads (Photo, Signature, Category Certificate)
Step 4: Submit Profile
Step 5: Apply to Programme (Select University, College, Programme)
Select Admission Scheme: 1 Major and 2 Minor

The Core Courses have to be chosen from the following list of subjects offered at PDUAM Dalgaon.

  • Biological Science & Anthropology: Botany and Zoology
  • Physical Science: Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
  • Technology : Computer Science

Step 6: Filling Education Details & Upload Documents
Step 7: Preview Application
Step 8: Submit your Application

Fee Structure

Fee structure as per uniform fee structure of DHE letter No. PC/HE/Plan-24/2012/186 dated 04-06-2019

Non Fee Waiver Category

Sl NoCategoryB. Sc (in Rs.)H S ( in Rs.)
1Admission Fee400400
2Tution Fee00
3Establishment Fee600600
4Laboratory Fee1000400
5Electricity Fee200200
6Contingency Fee200200
7University Fee620170
8ID Card Fee5050
9Development Fee500500
10Library Fee200200
11Internal Examination Fee200120
12NCC/NSS/Scout & Guide Fee3030
13Magazine Fee150150
14Student Union Fee100100
15Games & Sports Fee100100
16Festival Fee100100
17Co Curricular Fee100100
18Cultural/Music Fee5050
19Debate & Literature Fee5050
20Student Welfare Fee5050
21ICT Fee100100
22Youth Festival Fee100100

Fee Waiver Category

Sl NoCategoryB. Sc (in Rs.)H S ( in Rs.)
1NCC/NSS/Scout & Guide Fee3030
2Magazine Fee150150
3Student Union Fee100100
4Games & Sports Fee100100
5Festival Fee100100
6Co Curricular Fee100100
7Cultural/Music Fee5050
8Debate & Literature Fee5050

N:B: Tuition Fee has been exempted As per DHE letter No. PC/HE/Plan-24/2012/116 vide dated 06/06/2017 & Govt. letter No. AHE.570/2016/17 vide dated 03/06/2017

Requirements for Fee Waiver Scheme:

  • An Income certificate from the Local Revenue Circle Officer. Family Annual Income should be less than 2 Lakhs
  • Declaration from the student. Click Here to Download the prescribed format
  • Students will have to plant a sapling at college premises and shall give photographs of the same to the college.

Admission Help Desk



Contact No

Dr. Zaved Iqubal Ahmed

Nodal Officer (SAMARTH e-Gov Suite)


Dr. Nurjahan Begum

Admission Module Coordinator (SAMARTH e-Gov Suite)


Subrat Chetia

Coordinator (Admission Committee)


Porosha Sonowal

Member (Admission Committee)


Arup Sonowal

Supporting Staff (Admission Committee)


Nitu Duarah

Supporting Staff (Admission Committee)