Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science at PDUAM Dalgaon, established in 2023, stands as a cornerstone of academic excellence within the prestigious Gauhati University system in Assam. Committed to the rigorous study of political theory, governance, and global affairs, this department offers comprehensive Bachelor of Arts degree programs in Political Science.

With a focus on promoting democratic values, civic responsibility, and global citizenship, the Department of Political Science at PDUAM Dalgaon plays a vital role in shaping informed and engaged citizens who are equipped to participate actively in the political life of their communities and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of society.

Vision of the Department

  • To impart theoretical and empirical understanding of the subject  to the students
  • To increase understanding of basic facts and concepts about the  Indian Political System.
  • To impart quality education in the subject of Political Science to  the rural and economically weaker sections of the area
  • To generate interest among the students and help the students to  pursue their higher education in Political Science
  • To develop creative thinking and critical thinking among the  students and make them research oriented
  • To make the students employable and develop the skill to  compete in the global level and raise their standard

Mission of the Department

  • To inculcate a sound philosophy among the students for a holistic living and encourage the  students for personality development and strive  towards excellence and perfection
  • To contribute towards the society by producing conscientious citizens by inculcating ethical and  moral values among the students
  • To encourage students in solving various political issues
  • To make the students fit for employment
  • To promote research activities among the faculties for better understanding of different  political issues and in the meantime grow as  scholars and contributes towards the society

Programmes offered

  • Bachelor of Arts (1 Major 2 Minor) under NEP 2020, Gauhati University
  • Bachelor of Arts (3 Minor) under NEP 2020, Gauhati University

Faculty Members

Dr. Nandita Das
Designation : Assistant Professor & HoD
Qualification : MA, PhD, SLET

Satabdi Sarkar
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : MA, B Ed, NET, SLET

Dr. Kumar Chandan Jyoti
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification :  MA, PhD, NET, SLET