Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


Quality is an indispensable part of higher education institute. In order to ensure quality in higher education, different functions of the institution needs be regular reviewed through self-assessment or through external agencies. PDUAM, Dalgaon strives to achieve quality in various aspects related holistic development of the students. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC will become a part of the institution’s system & work towards realization of the goals of quality enhancement & sustenance. The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent & catalytic improvement in the overall performance of institutions. As per the resolution taken by Governing Body, PDUAM, Dalgaon, a full-fledged IQAC Committee has been formed on 12/10/2021. The committee since then has been involved in various activities such as preparation of SOP for college academic framework (CAF), review implementation of CAF, collaborate in different extension activities, implementing  Performance Based Self Appraisal System, collected and analyzed stakeholder feedbacks, sign MoU with other organizations, etc.


Chairman: Dr. Lakhi Prasad Hazarika
Principal, PDUAM, Dalgaon
Coordinator: Dr. Zaved Iqubal Ahmed, Assistant Professor (Computer Science)
PDUAM, Dalgaon
Joint-Coordinator: Porosha Sonowal, Assistant Professor (English)
PDUAM, Dalgaon
IQAC Members  
             Teachers Dr. Pranab Kalita, Assistant Professor (Mathematics)
PDUAM, Dalgaon
Dr. Sufian Ahmed Tapadar, Assistant Professor (Botany)
PDUAM, Dalgaon
Mr. Borun Kathar, Assistant Professor (Zoology)
PDUAM, Dalgaon
Dr. Mahmuda Khannam, Assistant Professor (Chemistry)
PDUAM, Dalgaon
Mriganko Bastav Chakravertty, Assistant Professor (Physics)
PDUAM, Dalgaon
             Management Dr. Kamala Kanta Borah, VC Nominee, Governing Body
PDUAM, Dalgaon
             Administration ADC(Education), Darrang
             Students General Secretary, Students’ Union
             Alumni Dobin Anna Hoque
             Industrialist Mr. Kulen Hazarika
             Stakerholders Khabiruddin Ahmed, Dalgaon Town Model School

Link to official document: IQAC Core Committee

Strategies & Responsibilities

The following activities are carried out by IQAC, PDUAM, Dalgaon:

  • Introduce strategies such as college academic framework, online attendance monitoring, etc. for enriching the quality of teaching-learning process.
  • Delegate responsibility to different committees such as grievance redressal cell, ICT Cell, career counseling cell, academic committee, Eco-club, woman cell, etc.
  • Keep track and maintain records of the different extension and outreach activities carried out by departments and committees.
  • Conduct workshops and seminars for students as well as teacher to enriching the quality of education.
  • Conduct workshop and seminar on accreditation process, as it is a newly established college.
  • Collaborate in different extension activities conducted by departments and committees.
  • Collaborate with other nearby institution for programs such as faculty exchange, etc.
  • Conduct regular meetings on various activities, such as CAS promotion, evaluation of teaching-learning process, and discuss the follow up actions.
  • Feedbacks from students are collected on the teaching-learning process and outcome of the feedback is shared with the
  • Introduce best practices in college as a measure for the quality.


IQAC meeting minutes and action report

Meeting records for the session 2022-2023
Meeting records for the session 2021-2022

Important Documents

Audits Reports