Department of English

The Department of English at PDUAM Dalgaon, established in 2023, shines as a beacon of linguistic and literary excellence within the esteemed Gauhati University system in Assam. Rooted in a profound appreciation for the power of language and literature to shape minds and societies, this department offers Bachelor of Arts degree program in English as per NEP 2020.

The Department of English at PDUAM Dalgaon is committed to nurturing students’ language proficiency, critical thinking skills, and cultural awareness. Whether analyzing Shakespearean sonnets, dissecting postcolonial novels, or crafting original poetry, students are encouraged to hone their written and oral communication skills while developing a deeper understanding of the social, historical, and cultural contexts that shape literary expression.

Vision of the Department

  • The department envisions to groom proficient and skillful individuals, foster critical thinking and rationality, and develop a holistic worldview in the students.

Mission of the Department

  • To equip students with writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills which shall be useful not only in academics but in the world at large.
  • To encourage creativity in students through in-depth engagement with literary texts.
  • To mould students as responsible citizens by encouraging their participation in community service and developing commitment to the society.
  • To prepare students for career and higher education by imparting skill-based courses.
  • To increase the analytical abilities of students in various fields of interpretive humanities such as literary studies and related cultural forms.

Programmes Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in English (1 Major 2 Minor) NEP 2020
  • Bachelor of Arts (3 Minor) NEP 2020
  • Higher Secondary under AHSEC

Add on Courses

  • Spoken English Proficiency
  • English for Professional Development

Faculty Members

Dr. Nurjahan Begum
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : MA, PhD, NET, SLET

Porosha Sonowal
Designation : Assistant Professor & HOD
Qualification : MA, NET – JRF
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Josephin Sangma
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : MA, NET