Criteria 1 (Curricular Aspects)

Key Indicator 1.1 (Metric 1.1.1)

The list of all supporting documents:

  1. SOP and report on implementation of College Academic Framework (CAF) in the college.
  2. Academic calendars of the college in the last five years.
  3. Class routines of the college in the last five years.
  4. Meeting records of academic and research committee.
  5. Academic and administrative audit report of the session 2022-23.
  6. Photographic evidence of library usage.
  7. Meeting records and photographic evidence of parents-teacher meet in the college.
  8. Teaching methods adopted in the college.
  9. Sessional examination related documents such as time table, notices, question papers, etc.
  10. Documents related to project and field works carried out in the college.
  11. Photographic evidence of Implementation of online attendance system.
  12. Photographic evidence of initiatives for Yoga and games in the college.